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10 Qualities of a Good Lawyer

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Thousands of lawyers are practicing out there claiming to be a professional to the world. Still, people get disappointed when they find out they are not competent enough to handle their legal issues successfully.

However, Certain qualities differentiate a ‘lawyer’ from a ‘good lawyer,’ and they are essential to identify a good lawyer.

They include:

1. Good communication skills:

A good lawyer should have public speaking skills and writing skills to communicate with his client and audience.

A good lawyer should be able to speak and write persuasively and concisely and be able to convince his audience and jury most times of his stance.

Also, to be a good communicator, you have to be a good listener to hear your client out, understand and relate with your client, and also argue tactfully in the courtroom.

2. Analytical Skills:

The ability to absorb, evaluate and analyze a large volume of information gathered and then be able to make sense out of it is a commendable skill every good lawyer should have.

He should be analytical enough to draw up a conclusion or assumption suitable sufficient to solve a case.

3. Research Skills:

Information is the basis of any case and a good lawyer does his research well to get enough information to be well-grounded in making his arguments.

He should carefully and diligently do his research and gather all information that may help his client and his case.

4. Responsiveness:

A good lawyer responds to his clients even amid other work. His clients are his priority, and he is never too busy for them.

He is always ready to offer his legal expert services and respond quickly.

5. Creativity:

Great lawyers are not just logical and analytical but also creative enough to think out assumptions and connect the dots that can solve a case.

They should be able to think outside the box and solve problems when the need arises as to the best

solutions are not always obvious.

6. Logical thinking ability:

Logical reasoning and approach are essential in the practice of law.

It is necessary to think when making judgments and also when relating to the opposing counsel.

The opposing side should never see as an enemy; thus, the relationship between the two sides should be concrete and professional.

7. Perseverance:

Lawyers generally have huge workloads that require time, patience, and an articulated mind.

A good lawyer should be ready to give in his time, be dedicated to his work, and carefully do his research and writings.

He must have the perseverance to complete his work and successfully at that.

A haphazard work might cost a client his life.

8. Good Judgment:

A good lawyer should have a good sense of judgment to draw reasonable and logical assumptions and conclusions from limited information.

He should be able to ascertain to a reasonable extent how guilty or innocent a person is from the testimonies he hears and also be able to know points of weakness in your opponent’s argument and knows where to fortify his.

9. Client Care:

Your clients are your responsibilities.

Their safety, life, trust, and concerns are automatically yours, and when you are unable to see that, then you are not on the list of good lawyers.

Also, most times, a client might not afford to complete remuneration to the lawyer.

In this case, this should, in nowhere, affect the professionalism of the legal services that should provide to the client.

A good lawyer should always be there for his client and put him through, even when he makes mistakes.

10. Leadership Quality:

A lawyer should naturally be a leader.

A good lawyer should be able to exhibit good leadership qualities and also be able to manage those under them, including matters that may arise during a case.


A good lawyer is more creative, and even while expressive, he never interrupts his opponent and the judge.

He can think logically and very analytical and also always does good research.

He knows how to establish and maintain a good relationship with the court and other bodies and maintain his dignity.

Honesty is his motto with the court, colleagues, and clients.

A good lawyer knows very well how to question the witness and maintain a high level of ethics.

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