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Arizona Lemon Law

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The Arizona Motor Vehicle Warranties Law (under Arizona Revised Statutes 44-1261 and 1267) conveys your rights related to a ‘lemon.’

When you purchase an automobile, you would want to know if the same is protected or not.

The Arizona Lemon Law applies to new automobiles so that you can fix the issues with the dealer or manufacturer of the vehicle amicably or through legal action in case they deny compensation or repair for the defective vehicle you purchase from them.

If you find that the car purchased is a lemon, then you can opt to file a consumer complaint or contact a Lemon Law attorney for a free consultation.

The Arizona Lemon Law does not protect the:

  1. Vehicles bought at public auctions
  2. Automobiles weighing over 10,000 lbs
  3. Section utilized for habitation but only the chassis and vehicle

Used Cars

For used cars, Arizona Lemon Law covers the first 500 miles, or initial days after the purchase, whichever is the first.

If your car breaks in this period, you have to contact the authorized dealer or the manufacturer.

You may have to pay a few dollars for the first two repairs.

Statute of Limitations

The dealer or manufacturer who made the purchase is accountable for making repairs to the new vehicle if the automobile does not match with express warranties.

But, you must report defects of the new car before it completes 24,000 miles or within the initial two years, or before the express warranty expires, whichever is the first.

Vehicle Manufacturer Responsibilities

A Lemon Law attorney will help you arrange all documents about the purchase/repair of the automobile and communicate with the dealer or manufacturer about any defects.

The manufacturer or dealer from whom you bought the defective vehicle will be allowed four attempts to upkeep the car to the standards defined by express warranty. The Motor Vehicle Warranties Law directs this clause.

After four reasonable attempts to repair or thirty days in the shop, if the vehicle defect is not corrected yet, then you will be deemed eligible for a refund of the vehicle’s purchase price (excluding a specified amount used for the tenure of the car), or replacement of the automobile.

Hire an Arizona Lemon Law Attorney

If you possess an automobile that is a lemon, you must consider consulting with a Lemon Law lawyer.

He/she will ensure that you are equipped with the essentials to prove that the automobile is a lemon and receive suitable compensation.

Contact an Arizona Lemon Law attorney today to get maximum assistance and trusted advice.


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