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My homeowners association board is sueing me.I received a letter dated June 17,2011 from the property manager. Stating I had to trim my courtyard trim for it was against my roof and could cause damage to the roof.I in turn took pictures of the tree in my courtyard to prove that the tree branches were not against or leaning on the courtyard entrance. On June 30,2011 I was reading the paper and i heard a electric saw. I looked at my padio door and saw a worker with a electric saw and a latteron mt padio. I went and open my padio door and said to the worker no no I take care of the bamboo tree and he shut off the electric saw and picked up his latter off of my padio and walked to his truck.I was surprised that the worker only came to my house. I then walked into my condo. All this took about 30 to 45 seconds. Then a few weeks later I received a pacage from a process server. In opening the package I see it is a summons form the home association board sueing me for legal fee,s that I attack the outside worker with a hammer and swing it at him and told him I was going to kill him.This is not true and I have a disability that I have only 30 per cent of upward and side ways use of my right arm for I am right handed.THe board of directors led by the property manager have conspired to charge me to attacking the tree trimmer. ON June 30th at about 7:15 in the morning on June30,2011. I am going to 74 in a few months and I am having trouble sleeping and focusing on my daily activities of each day. Please help me I need to be representive by a lawyer…


We 33thousand in credit card charges   own home(mort) own car (paid for) student loans losing job end of month (contract running out) no money  dont know what to do


I am seeking a pro bono lawyer for my 77 year old mom. She was in an accident April 16 2011,a petion was file Oct. 28 2011 which she did not know about until she was served a summons March 9, 2012. She is being sued for an amount in excess of the amount required for diversity jurisdiction pursuant to Section 1332 of Title 28 of the United States Code plus costs, fees and all other appropriate relief.She gets a social sercurity check every month and cannot afford to pay for a lawyer.Please I beg for you to help my mother please.


Driving with a drivers permit and was in an accident.  The woman whose car I hit is now trying to sue me.  I am unsure of my insurance coverage and afraid of possible jail time. I am 17 years of age.  No drugs or alcohol were involved.


I freelance services to companies,In 2009, I was freelancing to a company, never drove a 16ft box truck, I wasnt ever driving their trucks. One night on a gig they told me to take the DJ and drop him off at another gig, I said I didnt want to, was up for two days running events already and was very tired.They insisted I drive and was very aggressive, I drove the truck, reached the place to drop off the DJ, tried to pull to the side of the road a bit where there was a driveway, the very back of the truck caught a parked car, causing damage. I was told by the company I freelanced to, “dont worry about it, well take care of it”. Said theyd roll it through their insurance, I made all the proper reports etc,The rental box truck company, refused to cooperate with anyone since I wasnt the listed driver who rented the truck,The own of the parked car took the brand new, fully insured vehicle to his friends shop, got an estimate and had him fix it, $4,0175 bill. Then took that and filed a law suite against the Production company I freelanced to and myself.The company I freelanced to did nothing and everything was put on me resulting in my license now being suspended, sticking me with the bill.Theres a few more details but this is the outline. Thank you


My son who is an excluded driver on my policy wrecked my car, there is property damage he was driving while under the influence and has not auto insurance.  They took a blood sample and they will find out his alcohol level along with Marijuana, which he states he did not smoke while out, he had smoked hours before but his problem was too many drinks.  He has a court date set for the 22nd of this month.  Need advise and help for him and myself.

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