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Auto Accident by drunk driver

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I caused an uninsured auto accident in June 2011 with property damage; no personal injury.Two cars were involved besides my own. One owner has already demanded payment, the other insurance co has contacted me for information.I signed but am not able to uphold a payment agreement and am in jeopardy of losing my license.What are my options at this point?


I went to hospital for injuries. My car was on tow truck “stinger” portion and was hit a second time by a drunk driver. I just got police report on 12/30/11. Have attorney for medical, but they dont deal with property damage. Need help to recover funds for total loss of car and dealing with multiple insurance companies. Car was moved by 1st hit responsible insurance co., now I have until Jan. 4 to figure out where to put car so other insurance adjusters can look at it. HELP!


Last year I got in to an car accident. I hit a pedestrian, but was not at fault. this person recieve money from my previous car insurance, now wants to sue me for more money! Can you please help me?


I was responsible for an accident where we exchanged info and went on our way. The young man i hit had apparently called his daddy for help…and as we were leaving his dad showed up and called 911 for hit and run. Dad tailed me till I stopped. Police show and give me hours of pestering just to release me, in route home they re-arrest me and send me to jail in kitsap co. Where I was beaten 4 different ways until they ran out of tools to beat me with, all on video inside jail. Im a Navy veteran and been diagnosed w/ PTSD before the incident. Informed police of my PTSD and was treated in the worst fashion EVER imaginable by ANY state or county. Please Help


I was back up a stall in a Sams parking lot and 3/4 out the stall, the minivan on the right of the stall opposite my parking back up so fast the i was not able to move forward on time. I honk my horn twice, but she kept on moving. She hit my rear passenger fender, with her rear passenger corner bumper. i filed a claim on her insurance, but was denied after receiving a statement from the driver that i was at fault. I mentioned that the only way my fender could hit her bumper is when my car moves sideways, but still they close the case. Please advice.


I have a judgement against me becuase I was wrongly accused of driving some elses vehicle that was involved in an accident


I hit a garage due to the negalence of this driver darting out of this drive way. I swerved to avoid getting hit and hit a garage. This person works for the united states. a lawyer called me and said I could not take her to concilation court.

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