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Basics about Bankruptcy

BankruptcyIf you are overloaded with debts, consider Bankruptcy as your way out. Bankruptcy gives you an opportunity to start your life afresh by liquidating your assets to repay the plan or by making a repayment plan for you.

All cases of bankruptcy are handled in federal courts following rules defined in the US Bankruptcy Code. Bankruptcy are of different types and generally referred by “chapter” in US Bankruptcy Code.

  • For individuals there are Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 Bankruptcy. You can file petition with one  depending on you case specifications.
  • School units, municipal districts, tax districts, villages, town and cities can file Bankruptcy petition with Chapter 9.
  • Businesses can go with Chapter 7 to liquidate its assets and pay the debts  or choose Chapter 11 Bankruptcy for repayment plan.
  • To give relief from debts to family fisherman and farmers, there is Chapter 12 Bankruptcy.
  • To file bankruptcy that involve parties from more than one nation, there is Chapter 15 Bankruptcy.

Reason to hire a Bankruptcy lawyer or attorney

You can file the bankruptcy petition by yourself but though the process is complicated and to assure that you are filing for the right type of the bankruptcy and filing it right, you must need a bankruptcy lawyer. Your bankruptcy lawyer holds specialization in bankruptcy laws which means his/her experience is focused exclusively on bankruptcy cases, thus represent your case well in the court.  There are two types of Bankruptcy lawyers/attorneys

  • Consumer Bankruptcy lawyers to help individuals and couples.
  • Commercial Bankruptcy attorneys to help businesses.

Your bankruptcy lawyer can help you keep the valuables, work with your creditors, as well as stop the harassing (if any) from your debtors. Moreover, your attorney can help your bankruptcy petition from being dismissed by the courts.

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Remember, bankruptcy is your legal right to get relief from overloaded debt. Get an experienced lawyer to file your petition and start your life afresh.