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Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

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I/We are in chapt.13 at the moment. We have a court date of 6 Apr. to answer a Motion For Relief from Automatic Stay.  we were informed by the court of that action and we were not informed by the debtor and we are pro per.  And we need more time to prepare our response.  In the meantime we are in the middle of preparing an advarsaril claim.  What Can I do about the 6th and my advarsaril.  Help


I operated a school the program was closed in an administrative action by the Attorney Generals office.  After trying everything to resolve the problem and I exhausted all business money I have little or no income except from some consult I make as a nutritionist (Not enough to pay office rent at the moment and pay other incidental expenses). I have made agreement to pay some of the judgment cases on monthly basis. But now, I cannot afford to pay because my income has decreased because of non-payment by one of the clinics I consult for.  But the debt collector will not understand.  They suggest I consider bankruptcy for which I do not have money to even pay an attorney.


I would like to file for bankruptcy with little or no cost to me. I am on a very small fixed income, my income is SSD and would like to get rid of my very old debt of credit cards, medical bills, personal loans, old school loan.(about 8,000.00 or so) most of my debt is in collections, with harrassing phone calls collection letters.


Our construction companyhas been hit very hard by the housing market going down hill. We now have someone going after our personal assets for business debt. We were also convinced that we had to sign a Forbearance Agreement, by the bank around a year ago for a $48,000 note. Because of how hard times have been we have many judgements against us as well. What can we do?


I have a garnishment.i cannot afford. i have no money. i live pay check to pay check with a family to support


No real income to live on  used credit cards just to get thru. I live a small pension  & my social security and a drop of money from my 3ex husband.I no longer can work my total month income is$1335.38.Ihave jps insurance and now i am going to see if i qualify for food stampredit cards are wipd outand i have outstanding Dr. bills,I am a messand desparately nee some kink of help,thanks

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