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Child Custody Visitation Case

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How to get lead aid for Child custody? Following cases got it in just minutes. You can also get child custody lawyer by submitting your case details here.


Not sure how to give temporary custody off my kids to my mother until February or March so that my kids can stay in there same schools where they feel safe please


I’m in need of legal representation for a custody Visitation case.


My girlfriend spanked my child and their mother went to court and was granted temp custody.


Me and my husband are curltey dealing with dcf and our sons are in my custody and they are telling me that me and my kids cant move back into home intil he is put on a mood indepter medicatation with he has been put on divalproex sod dr witch realy missed him up please call for full story


Dad refuses to follow court order. He has primary full placement. I am concerned about our 2 kids together for many reasons along with kids hate their fathers house and hate dads girlfriendwife even more stating not only is she very mean to them but her own daughter does not want to be at that home. Our kids are left alone for hours at a time or sent to church just so girlfriend does not have to care for them. Dad is not the main care giver as he is always working. This week I was hunting for lawyer help with my low income then dad hands me court papers for future court hearing on august 11th. I need help.


I have been separated from my wife for 3 yrs. We have a five year old daughter.we have no assets to split.We agree on 50 50 custody but not school.


My daughter passed away she has a 10 yr. son.  He has lived with us for four years.  Now the absent Dad wants to step in.  What can I do

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