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Child Support and Child Mother Support?

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I was married and my wife had a child by another man but i thought he was mine and signed the birth certificate do i have to pay child support since she filed for it


I have a daughter whos 18 years of age and is 5 month pregnent. Her mom know this but still is collecting support from me. I also have two other kids, but they are under the age of 18. I would like to put a stop on the child support that is for my daughter. I would also like to know if i can get back pay since my daughter is 5 month pregnent. please let me know the cost of this. thank you


I’m on child support me and children mother is going to court On the 10th of this month and both agree to taking me off and we need some help..


The father of my child is never there for me and our child, the only time i see him is when he comes home and takes all my money to spend on himself and leaves to see some random female he met online. He sold my vehicle out from under me to control me. I make social security income and stay at home with my child 247 trying to make it on bare minimum in life with barely a place to live and no vehicle. Me and him are not married and do not live together anymore.


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