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Civil Harassment Vs Domestic Violence

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There is often confusion in differentiating between domestic violence cases and civil harassment cases.

The demarcation however is quite clear.

Difference between civil harassment and domestic violence

In civil harassment cases there is no relationship between the involved parties, while

In domestic violence cases there is a defined intimate relationship between them and hence can be more harmful.

Misconception between domestic violence and civil harassment

In U.S justice system, both categories are complementary, although there is a misconception that harassment is subcategorized as domestic violence.

Both of them involve violence or abuse, but relationship with the perpetrators is important to be considered.

It is easier to get a restraining order in domestic violence cases, since the victim and the abuser are related and it is in the interest of the victim to do so.

Failing this, it is possible that the victim will face more abuse due to letting off of the abuser.

Getting an order for harassment is comparatively difficult, since no relationship can be established between the parties and it is necessary to prove that some sort of harm or threat has taken place.

For example, harassment in verbal form is insufficient in civil harassment, but sufficient in domestic violence cases.

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