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Legal aid for alimony and free legal consultation by affordable lawyers in family law. So far successfully helped many alimony cases, see following cases.


I need help enforcing a court order for alimony. i was divorced 2 years ago. my divorce decree included court ordered alimony in the amount of $1,500 a month for a period of 36 months as well as 50% division of a 401(k).my ex appealed the circuit court decision and refused to pay alimony, so last year i filed for contempt.  and although the court didnt find contempt, it did reaffirm the obligation to pay alimony and ordered my former spouse to pay $3,000 in arrears within 15 days. the court of special appeals affirmed the lower court ruling and the mandate was issued several months ago, but i still havent received anything. in fact, i’m still waiting for signature on a qdro that i mailed 2 months ago (september).i’ve had to relocate to texas, so money is an issue but i need a competent attorney with reasonable rates or a payment plan.


Alimony    i have been in litigation with my husband for 3 years now. he has refused to bring in his financial statement to the court because he refuses to pay me alimony. we were married 11 years 6 months, we lived together for 22 years and have been legally separated since march 2,2013. i was a stay at home mom with our children which was a decision my husband and i made during our marriage. my attorneys have not settled one issue and i am now representing myself. how do i go about getting the judge to order my husband to bring in his financial statement?  i make $11.25 per hour and i am still putting our 18 year old daughter through high school and i barely scrape by at this point. any help would be appreciated.thank you,


Wife served me with divorce,  moved in with another man, about 6 mths ago. i started dating, she found out and stopped divorce. i no longer wished to be with her, so i  moved out. now she wants child support and alimony,  even though she makes three times what i do. i have a court date on november 17, and need help fast.


Husband moved out 10/30/15 to be with girlfriend, has been unfaithful off and on for the last 6 years.  i am left with all bills including paying for house and overdue taxes plus whatever help i can give my son who will graduate in june 2016. would like to get spousal support and know how to deal with house


My x  spouse owes me 11,000.00 back alimony. has not paid this months child support. does not have health insurance on our daughter. the judge ordered he have a declining life insurance policy on the money’s he owes my daughter and i. he does not have it.

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