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Directing yourself after being in an accident

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How a person directs himself after being in an accident is important. Any accident takes place due to some error; hence a driver should act responsibly and react to the situation in a matured manner.

  • Not reporting the particulars of an accident to officials or not stopping after being in an accident are serious offences. Park your car on the roadside for your own safety.
  • By all means warn the ongoing vehicles about the accident by using lights for warning, using torches or flashlights or turning on the headlights of your car.
  • Immediately call an ambulance in case of injuries or contact fire department in case of oil or chemical leakages. First-aid should be given only if you’re qualified for it.
  • Before signing any papers that can hold you guilty, consult an attorney. Calling police can be avoided if there is no damage of property or injuries, but inform your insurance company about it.
  • If you choose to contact the police then make sure you keep photographs or drawings of the accident scene and details of witnesses and their vehicle registration numbers. Note down names of the present police officers.
  • Reporting of all accidents is necessary, especially where injuries or death is involved. You must report to local police, highway patrol, sheriff or Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) depending upon the nature of accident and its requirements. Not informing may get your driving license suspended.
  • Get legal advice before signing or saying anything.

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