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Divorce And Child Custody

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My husband and I are divorcing, we shared an bank account together, when he moved out, he took me off of the account moved it to another account, by law, can i get half of what we had in there at the time,, please let me know.. thank you


I paid a retainer for a lawyer and loss my job months later, the lawyer then withdrew as my lawyer.


My husband abused me and is jail and im need help because his parents are making my life hell and doing everything to have me put in jail. i will need a divorce and help with properties. my husband tried to cut off my arms and other horrific things. please call me and help me


Need a payment planme and my husband cant get along he found a girlfriend he cheated  and I found some one also we just want to go on  with our lives seprated we have children but we are just going the joint custaty


I looking for a uncontested divorce.  We have 2 small children. We have been separated since May 2012.  I make 31,000 and can hardly pay all my bills. Im looking for low cost help in assisting w this divorce.  Thank you in advance.


Me and my wife are getting a dirvoce and she has filed  a restraing order on me so i cant even go to her house to pick up my daughter for the weekend my girlfriend cant not be around  my kids at night the only problem with that is that me and my girlfriend live togather i need a lawyer and cant afford to pay 5000 for one

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