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DUI/DWI drug and alcohol tests

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You know it’s a bad day when you’re pulled over and asked to breathe on the breathalyzer.

If you think you only had a cup or two of any of the potable alcoholic brands, but you’ve been tested with an illegal alcohol level, it will make you think just how accurate these DUI/DWI Drug and alcohol tests are.

To make sure they get accurate results, the police officer will make you do the following:

  1. Field Sobriety Test. where your balance, hand-eye coordination, and your cognitive evaluated abilities. You will ask to stand on one leg, walk in a straight line in five steps back and forth, and watch how an officer will move an object from one hand to the other so will evaluate your eye movements. You may say, “Wait a minute! I’m generally clumsy and easily startled, even without alcohol.” That’s not your call, however. But if the officer is not sure about your physical condition, he will proceed to the next step.
  2. Breath Test. This test will analyze your breathing gas. It will measure how much alcohol is in the air, not how much alcohol is in the blood. That’s why this is highly contestable. To ensure that accurate results will be derived, the officer will wait out for 20 whole minutes to prevent you from vomiting or consuming anything that will jeopardize the breathalyzer results. The officer also has to make sure the device is in 100% good condition before using it on you. The police officer also knows that he will have to conduct the breath exam three times to produce unquestionable evidence.

  1. Blood tests/urine tests. It is where a medically qualified individual will take blood or urine samples from you. Of course, with your consent.

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