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Frequently Asked Questions


When will i receive help ?

We at is consistently send your request to the matched lawyers. Interested lawyers call or email you in 10 minutes on average.

However we recommend you to wait for 24 hrs.

Is this a paid service?

No, do not charge you anything. You connected to lawyer for free, you consult with them about your case directly and afterwards you can ask lawyers there hiring charges.

Is there any cost of filling form on

No, its 100% free service, we send your details to lawyers related to your issue and state. Once forwarded, lawyers will contact you and you can directly connect to lawyer without any interference or charges by

Are you sending my details to random lawyers ?

Not at all, If thats the scenario it would have filled your inbox with contact details of many lawyers, but we don’t. We carefully pick information like issue, state, description from details you submitted to us and then select lawyers related to that information.

Can I submit details more than once ?

Yes you are free to submit your details as many times you wish. However we encourage you to fill once in 24 hrs. due to following reasons:

we do not send duplicate information.
your info might land to our spam box.
our system will block your access to and our other network sites.