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How to get lead aid for Child custody? Following cases got it in just minutes. You can also get child custody lawyer by submitting your case details here.


I am looking to get Sole custody of my son. he has a father but he has been absent from his life for two years and then I also want to sign over temporary custody to my parents


My daughter has full custody of her daughter and they live with me she wants to share joint custody with me because im the one that takes care of her most the time how do we do it with out it costing us any money


My sons father refuses to discuss any thing with me and has withheld my parenting rights


More information on how to get full custody of our grand children fifteen and thirteen years. Please contact me at the number above.


It is a child custody situation. My childs father is trying to take my son from me for no apparent reason


I am the father of a 3 year old girl.  Her mother and I have joint legal custody and she is the custodial parent.  I have visitation with my daughter Saturday overnight until Sunday at 1600.  I also have Her Monday from 0900 until 1600 and Tuesday from 0900 until 1600.

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