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How to file divorce in Alabama

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Here are some simple pointers which will aid you in the process to file divorce in Alabama:-

  • Preparing your forms

You need to file the form known as “Complaint about Divorce”. For the spouse, to file for the divorce, he or she must have been a resident of the county for at least 6 months.

In the form, it is needful to state a legal ground for divorce. Other issues such as dividing assets, debts, child support, alimony, and debts should also be identified in the complaint.

  • Filing your forms file divorce in Alabama-

Filing for divorce implies that you are required to give your divorce complaint to the office of the clerk or the circuit court, in the county where you are filing the form.

Here you need to give a copy of your signed complaint to the clerk.

  • Serving you forms

This is a very pertinent step. In here, you are required to give your spouse a copy of the filed complaint. Once, your spouse receives the copy, she or he has to sign the Acknowledgement of Service. For the entire process, you can hire a process server.

However, for the cases where the spouse disagrees to accept the service, that it becomes imperative to pursue the same by publication, which means posting the divorce in a newspaper. And, again, if your spouse is not residing in the state or county, there are other ways which can be utilized for the same.

  • Financial disclosures

In accordance with the rules of your county, it will be imperative for you to pursue financial disclosures. These may include income, assets, debts, bank statements, credit card statements, tax returns and the like.

In the above process, it will be easier for you to file divorce in Alabama with the help of an experience divorce lawyer!


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