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My husband and i are married. i am 15, he is 25. we are legally married and my mother is trying to get our marriage annulled. the judge said we need an attorney but we are low on funds.

Request annulment of 5 week marriage. marriage not consumated. we have not lived together since sept. 4, this year.


I am 20 years old and married to my ex. but i don’t live with her anymore and i want to detach from her. she moved and i don’t know where she lives and we haven’t even been married a year.

Have been separated from my husband for about a year and want to get a divorce. i would like to get it over and move on.


Spouse is suicidal & needs psychological help. wasn’t in his right mind when we married. i want this resolved asap

I got marriage 8 months ago , he is an acholic and he goes everyday to methadone clinicwe put it this way have not been together for 7 out of the 8 months i wasn’t him to leave my house i own the house prior to my marriage to himhe owns nothing here please help


Good afternoon!could you please contact me regarding obtaining an annulment as i wish to dissolve my situation as soon as possible.i look forward to hearing from you.


I’m in need of a civil annulment of a marriage on july 4. we had never lived together after the marriage and he is currently incarcerated in jail. i was never told of his prior record of home burglery which he had violated his probation and had a warrant. i also have a judicial restraining/protection order because he tried to steal my purse and car. i believe he was trying to obtain my wealth. i am currently going thru a division of property from a 22 year marriage which is extensive that he knew of

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