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Affordable Divorce lawyer in your local area can be find here. you just need to submit your case details to them asap. See following examples of divorce cases lawyers already worked upon successfully.


My daughter is married a yearHer situation not goodNo children land etcNeeds annulmentHow do we proceed


My wife had a affiar an now all the sudden she wants a divorce. she wouldnt let me work for two years cuz she said she wanted to stay at her job for at least a year so i let her then she got the second job. we have a 3 year old daughter that she always would hit cause she wanted food or wanted attention from her mom. i would always jump in the middle of it to keep her safe. anyways she wants to take joint parenting an im worried if im not there she might get beaten over the littlest things. ive been her mommy an daddy for the longest time. an ive always ment her needs an shes been my number one from the get go. she signed her over to me an had it notorized by jasmin at golden plains credit union. an told me she wont fight for her but all the sudden shes trying to. she also left me with all the bills an i can barly keep up cause like i said she kept me from working for two years. i dont have the money for a lawyer unless i can do payments. cause my number one is my daughter. an my wife trys to make me look like a bad person an telling lies to get me into trouble but im not even doing anything at all. all im trying to do is look for my daughter best of mind. right now i have her at my brothers house. where shes being taking care of. plz help me with this matter.


Husband said he no longer wants to be married,via email, threw my children and I out of the house with no money, no place to go. Emotionally and verbally abusive.


I signed divorce papers with my ex wife but now finding out that she never did anything with them and we both have moved forward and I want to finalize it for good…


I file for an uncontested divorce in april, and my spouse didnt not sign the papers and she got a lawyer. I was summons by mail from her attorney to forward over all my legal paper work to her lawyer. I didnt do anything. I need a divorce lawyer now.


Married 28 years, nineteen of them while he served in the USNavy, we have lived the last 15yrs in Maine.  He had numerous affairs, we separated twice prior to this last time. I always fought for us. The children are grown, so we went our separate ways. I am worried I cannot get a divorce, I do not make enough money to pay out right for it and I dont even know where to start. There are so many questions I have.Thank you


My husband has filed for divorce and claims I am an unfit mother and wants full custody of our special needs child. I cared for her exclusively the first 3 and a half years of her life until my voluntary admission. Please help me get at least joint custody. Many thanks.

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