My 4 year old daughter, @10 mths old was taken from me by dyfs do to me living with my parents {my sister as well} and my sister messed up and they took my daughter and gave her to her father. He has already been caught by the court that he does weed, to this day he still does it and has my daughtr around people that do drugs. MY daughter was under 3 y/o and she had 2 black eyes, bite marks on her arm, a serious scrape that is still visible about a yr later… She is NOT in the best care and ive dealt with DYFS on about 5 different occassions and they have always just left everything alone.. What can I do? Im on welfare but im scared my daughter will be seriously injured or dead before anyone does anything about it and I dont want my daughter to have to go through that. She cries everytime she goes back to him b/c she wants to be with me and her sister but he just rips her out of my arms and says shell be fine in a few mins…. verything is about him, and her wellbeing is not his first priority!