My self and several others are in foreclosure and are trying to get our loans modified. We all feel our documents for our homes are ro-bo signed or the stated beneficiary on the deeds are Mers. What we need to know is there an attorney that can handle a litagation either pro-bono or contingency to file a litigation against our banks.We feel that it is possible that these banks can not legally foreclose on us because of the fraud and paperwork trail contaminated .Each person has had very similar but each case is different situation.The banks have made it really difficult to get our homes modified hoping we will all go away and they can get rid of the document nightmare.We have talked to different attorneys that have “mass litagation” against the banks going now but they want a chunk of money upfront.Do you know any attorneys that will accept our case and add us to a mass litigation with a pro-bono or smaller upfront amount? Please let me know as soon as possible so we can proceed.The homeowners are really going through the wringer with the banks.Thank you for your time,