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How can a lawyer help you in annulment?

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Annulments offer a unique solution where a married couple can nullify their marriage by deeming the marriage certificate invalid.

It gives a more straightforward solution out of an association on reasonable grounds.

Each state differs in family laws, and a lawyer can assist you through the legal nuances to handle the situation.

As civil annulment voids the marriage, the spouses become single again, as if they were never married.

The grounds for annulment are usually –

  • Misinformation or withheld information, where either spouse did not declare their sexual impotence, previous marriage, bigamy, children, or sexual disease.
  • The spouse was forced into marriage, and it was not consensual.
  • Any mental inabilities or existing addictions.
  • Refusal to consummate or misunderstanding regarding having children.

Marriage is conveniently annulled if the duration is relatively brief.

However, the existing legislation allows ground for an annulment even if the marriage has been for years.

Annulments differ from divorces, as the civil court does not recognize the validity of marriage any longer and, thus, does not pertain to alimony or property interests.

Legal issues include the division of assets jointly owned by the couple. It may further require name changes on documents, ownerships, etc.

If the marriage has produced children, it is treated as a unique circumstance where custody and visitation come into play.

Attorneys can help you explore alternative legal procedures like a legal separation or uncontested divorce.

Legal separation is a formal agreement among the couple to remain married while retaining specific rights, usually regarding child custody, visitations, property distribution, etc.

Lawyers can clarify the legal rights you are entitled to under COBRA and Social Security benefits.

Lawyers are also adept in preparing the correct paperwork required to apply for annulment in a court.

The verdict can go against the petitioner if the paperwork is not concise.

Attorneys initially evaluate the scenario with you at an initial consultation.

Lawyers can guide you and accurately answer any questions you have.

Usually, the initial meeting is not chargeable and is aimed at discussing your marriage.

They can also predict whether your case is valid for annulment or whether a different course is advisable.

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