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Insurance Claim For Auto Accident

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Expert Attorneys for your auto accident issues. Fill out the given form and get legal help quickly, look below we just helped others with same auto accident issues.


I borrowed my friends car and hit a pedestrian who is now suing my friend for something I did. He is claiming permanent damages and she is afraid they may come after her house and car. I want to obtain a lawyer for her to help.


How long is jail time in wyoming for Grand Theft Auto second time? – My boyfriend got caught for the second time. he took his mom car to come see me. and I am very worried about him.


The person preceded to go out into the intersection nothing was coming & she slammed on her brakes causing me to tap her in the rear there were absolutely no scratch marks to either car I didnt receive no tickets when the cops arrived


My sons car is on my insurance policy, but registered in his name. I was contacted by my insurance company saying that he was involved in a hit and run accident. A driver was claiming that he was parked at a red light when my sons car (V1) collided into the rear of his car (V2). V1 then backed up colliding into another vehicle (V3) which was parked and unoccupied. V1 left the scene .The driver of V2 could not give a description of the driver of V1. A witness got the license plate # of V1. There were no injuries reported. V2 had minor damage to his back bumper. The police checked the area but could not find V1.  The insurance company has not been able to contact my son to get a statement., so they are contacting me, the policy holder.I have not spoken to my son about this report.  I saw my sons car after this accident was reported and didnt notice any damage to the front of his car.  I did not see the right side of his car.    Since the insurance company has been unable to  get ahold of my son for a recorded statement, they are saying that he will be at 100% fault for the two party damages. What does this mean exactly? Does he pay out of pocket?    If he wasnt there at the time, but another driver, then what? If he was there and panicked, what might be the consequences?  Is it better to do nothing on my part.  Will I be responsible in any way?  The insurance company said to contact them so we could make a decision on the liability of this claim. What does this mean?  Thank you for evaluating this claim.  If you need more information, please let me know.


I was recently at fault in a minor accident in a parking lot where the affected family didnt have insurance. I showed them my insurance but, unbeknownst to me my policy had been cancelled the previous day. I have recently been contacted their behalf an i really need to know what action to take.


My mom fll an sustained a L1 Fractue to hr hip on 10-23-2010 at rice chopper. she i 74 yrs old. the adjuster requested numerous documents that I submitted and now they are turning it over to their councilto review. please assist in this matter .Thak you


I am beeing sued by jones over a car accident and i was not involed  it was my van but my nephew was driving and he had the accident and every thing in court papers are a lieso i need one

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