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Insurance Claim For Auto Accident

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If any person suffers an injury in an auto accident, then he/she will have to file an insurance claim with his/her insurer. First, he/she has to undergo medical treatment. The claim is the first step to get compensation for any medical expenses or damages due to the accident. The claiming procedure is a bit complicated, but the following information should make the process of making an insurance claim for an auto accident a little easier.

We spend a lot of money on car insurance. So, you must file a claim soon after being involved in an accident.

There are five basic steps to filing a car insurance claim.

1. Contact the Police

Just after the auto accident happened, you have to inform the police, but it is sometimes best to have a third party inform them. After an accident, you may not be in good condition. The police will help you to get emergency support like ambulance services or any other emergency services.

Afterwards, you have to file a police report by any other person; he or she can be your family member. The police report will help you with your claim.

In many states in the USA, there are laws regarding reporting the accident to the DMV or the police. Make sure that you understand the legal responsibilities of your state and comply with them. If you are not able to understand, then contact your insurance agent or your state insurance commissioner’s office to file the claim.

2. Collect the information about your Auto Accident

It is imperative that you create a damage information list regarding the auto accident. It will help you to file your auto insurance claim. You have to provide all the details of the accident to the insurance company.

3. Call your insurance company immediately

If you can, call your insurance company right away from the scene of the accident while you are waiting for the police or after you feel safe. They will help you with the next steps and give you guidelines about what you have to send them.

If your car is not driveable, then they will tell you what to do with the car. They can also help you to arrange a rental car if you have coverage on your policy.

Once you have called the insurance company, they will open a claims file for your auto accident. You have to follow the next steps in the claim process.

4. Your insurance company will appoint a claims specialist to settle the claim

After you report your claim to your car insurance company, they will appoint a claims professional. They can appoint an adjuster. The claim adjuster will help you to get a positive result for your auto accident claim. They will discuss with third parties and with their insurance company as well as any other person(s) involved in the accident. He will also investigate the circumstances.

5. Get your car fixed and claim Payment

Once the adjuster has finished all of their research, you will get an estimate of the cost to repair your car. You will also get information about how you get the payment. Your estimate will outline what work is to be done.

Once you and the adjuster agree, then work will start to repair your car. After the repair work is finished, you will get your car back.

Please be aware that if your insurance company does not approve the repairs, then you will not get the payment.

If you have any further queries about making an insurance claim for an auto accident, please do contact our qualified lawyer for more information.

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