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Issues Concerning Late-life Divorces

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Couples can get a divorce at any age due to various reasons.

In the later stages of life, divorces bring along them specific age-specific issues like health concerns, dealing with losses of friends and family, financial insecurity, etc.

The emotional impact is there, but the financial impact can be unsettling and needs to be understood carefully.

In a divorce, the division of assets is a crucial matter. For example,

the decision to get the house concerns its monetary value and other issues like its usability and comfort.

Also, with age, you are entitled to certain benefits like property tax exemptions, eligibility for a reverse mortgage, qualification for public benefits, income from rent, etc., on your house.

You can divide your retirement plans, but a lawyer should do it after careful study.

You should know about the various benefits you are entitled to, like receiving distributions yet avoiding tax penalties, survivor benefits, etc.

Similarly, in the case of social security benefits, there are relevant rules for income after divorce.

Financial planning becomes important in late-life divorces since you might have to face unanticipated financial situations or make compromises in your lifestyle.

You can make a shrewd budget that involves living expenses calculations, creating a mixed portfolio, income generation, tax consequences, etc.

Health is a major concern in old age. Division of assets and payment of alimony to a spouse unable to earn or with insufficient assets is considered while making decisions. Medicare eligibility is also important in old age.

You must evaluate the beneficiaries of your wills, retirement plans, estate, etc., to make sure that your wish has been carried out.

Divorce settlements can later provide for financial support and the education of adult children and grandchildren.

Taking the services of an expert divorce attorney is always required, even in late-life divorces.

The attorney helps you get through all the legal procedures efficiently and help you understand the laws associated with the process.

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