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How can mediation help in resolution of domestic violence?

HomeDomestic violenceHow can mediation help in resolution of domestic violence?

While mediation saw in most divorce cases, it is up to the mediators to identify a possible hidden domestic violence issue.

When a woman is suffering a battery from her spouse files for a divorce or child custody, it cannot establish with certainty that mediation will be helpful in such cases or not.

In the U.S, domestic violence is widespread in families.

Couples usually underplay or deny any incidence.

However, through interactions with them and keeping an eye for subtle indications, a mediator can establish a pattern and recognize it.

A display of dominance and control can be a sign that the couple is hiding something.

Must create mediation programs with specific approaches. Edification and training of mediators, screening of divorce cases to mediators that can be good for mediation, and special procedures and techniques through the whole mediation process are vital.

Ensuring the safety of parties and the mediator is crucial.

Mediators need to see the whole episode of domestic violence between couples dispassionately.

They can bring out a change in the attitudes of couples through mediation sessions.

Also, they can present a solution to the domestic violence issue by mediating between couples.


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