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Need a payment planI am separated we want a divorce he is willing to sign i don work I have 4 kids with him we agreed on sharing rights and volunteer child support


I want to get a divorce from my husband we have been separated over 5 years because he was abusive. But i dont have any money to pay a lawyer to help me get my divorce. Please help me.


Need a payment plan house wife left with little money for a divorce settlement. Need immediate help


My husband walked out on me and took my baby I need a divorce,custody battle,and alimony I had just had surgery and I am not working when he walked out


My wife has abused me mentally for over two years. She has put my harley ,that was a gift to me in hock as,well as my truck. Now shes already seen counsil.. im scarred not sure what todo. Im on the land lease to the house but thats it. Call tomorrow in the morning please


I was in a relationship over 4 years and now my other half is trying to take away our dog from me.  She had paid for him but over 4 years he has always lived with me, taken him for shots, paid for food and dog treats.  Currently I am going to a therapist, she is a hoarder.  The dogs best interest would be with me as I make more money, clean house, and he grew up with my older dog.  I can have my therapist attest that the dogs best interest would be to reside with me with hoarding issues on her half.  Thank you for your help.

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