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Need attorney, but can’t afford down payment?

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What if one gets legal protection 24*7 for personal and small business legal issues from a law firm that too at a nominal fee only?

Need attorney, law firm can help you?

Does it sound too unreal?

However, all this is possible from law firms, which offer help with everything right from reviewing documents, writing letter, trial defence and even more.

Experienced lawyers will do the task of sending emails, making calls and the necessary to be done for handling pre existing or a new legal issue, be it for filing a suit or defence on being sued.

Above all, assistances come in form of collection letters every month, calls or letters each year etc.

Even More
There are family plans, which cover the individual, his/her spouse or partner, dependents and children.

The small business plans of law firm cover:

  • Complex document review (for example those related to deed documents, real property, loans)
  • Standard Will preparation (updating and preparing Will)
  • Debt collection assistance, legal correspondence, trial defence services, pre-trial work,
  • Complex consultation review (modify/review property deeds, employment agreement etc.)
  • Complex phone consultation (consult or speak with legal team on larger legal issues)
  • Transaction document review (contracts, invoices, warranty disputes etc.)
  • Letter writing (written letters on individual’s behalf to proceed with legal dealings)
  • Consultation and review of dispute/faulty work overcharges, contractor agreements, and others
  • Medical directive (allows physicians and family to understand the person’s wishes), also known as living Will

Designated and Legal Consultation

The services for designated consultation extends to:

Immigration, patents, telephonic consultations yearly on copyrights, import/export, antitrust, commodities, custom matter, trademarks, international law, tax, admiralty and more.

The services for legal consultation extend to: Securities, contracts, HR, employments and others.

Individual Legal Plans

The member has to be unmarried with no children or dependents to avail individual legal plan.

The plan provides representation, consultation and advice on present, probable personal legal matter or pre-existing conditions.

  • Trial defence services: This plan is for both respondent and defendant in a covered civil action suit. Phone calls and letters will be completed on the behalf of the member; contract and document review and 24/7 emergency assistance IRS audit legal services are also given.
  • Healthcare power of attorney and living Will: These entitle the member annual reviews and updates on relevant legal matter.
  • Auto and motor vehicle services: These certainly entails moving violation help, representation is provided when the individual has a valid driver license and driving a noncommercial motor vehicle, driver’s license reinstatement, property damage collection, aid with motor vehicle related criminal charges etc.
  • Added benefits:
    • Legal consultations and services for trust preparation,
    • charges of DWI/DUI,
    • charges of income tax evasions,
    • drug-related matters,
    • trust returns,
    • bankruptcy,
    • residential local document preparation,
    • hit and run,
    • issues from operation of commercial vehicle with more than two axles, returns for payroll, partnerships, corporations, information etc.
  • Consultation on family matters: Assistance is given on uncontested adoption representation, uncontested name change, uncontested separation representation, uncontested divorce representation etc.


Most noteworthy don’t caught in hands of expensive attorneys and as a result don’t pay hefty hourly fees, to get legal assistance on above mentioned matters and others.

You should contact a law firm that provide legal plans, has an expert team of legal advisors, attorneys etc. and connection with leading law attendants.

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