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My husband and I need to file bankruptcy ASAP. We filed in 2003 and used $10,000 of our homestead exemption. As I understand you can only use it until it is gone. We have 2 children under 18 and a 19 yr. old that is in college and we provide for him. That would leave possibly $1,500 of homestead left we didnt use before.We need some advice as far as what other exemptions I can use on real property that is only in my name and our 1998 DW trailor sits on it. Taxes say the property is valued at $9,000. It is almost 3 acres with 2 of those being woode hillside.We cant afford to pay a lawyer to do this and will be doing the paperwork ourselves. We owe more on our DW trailor than it is worth. We have personal property that falls under all exemptions and we easily pass the means test.The only major problem is the land. Is there other exemptions I can use to keep our land? Also,we spent our tax refund on things we needed and there is none left,do you need to say anything about that and will there be a problem with next years return.Do you have to exempt that,also? I am glad I found this website, I hope you can help us. Please let me know what to do. Thank you


My job will be in jeopardy if my wages are garnished. I am the primary source of income for my family of 5.


I file a motion for contempt 3/21/12.Had ex-spouse served 3/29/12. Contempt is for non payment of equalization paymets from a divorce settlement agreement. On 4/16/12 ex-spouse filed for bankruptcy and filed for stay of proceedings. On his Schedule E he claims me as one of his creditors and calls the debt pf $7000 “Consumer Affair”,when n actuality it is an equalization payment. Will the trustee misinterpret the phrase???


I have been unemployeed for 4 years now.  I have managed to meet all of my debts but  I am now finding it impossible as I used up all of my savings.  I am a retired a teacher and my monthly retirement is $1222. My daughter and I jointly own a home and the mortgage and household bills are being paid. The problem is my credit cards. In addition, I am scheduled to go back into repayment. I really need to do something with the credit card debt so I can help put food on the table.


I filed for bankruptcy in 2007 or 2008 I received a letters saying that my bankruptcy was discharge in march 2012. A creitor is trying to get me to pay the balance of a loan which I though i filed bankruptcy on. would you please help me, thank you


I am on disability, health is such that I am unable to do any kind of work; debt is to the point that I can not afford to pay the creditors.  I am so stressed over the situation, it is adding to my other health issues.  Need help….


Hi, your service looks pretty good.Would you please let me know more about it? If you could send me an email including as more information as you can provide about the service detail,it cant be more great.Thank you for your time.

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