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Me and the mother of my soon to be 2 years old daughter broke up when our child was only 2 weeks old. Im not on the birth certificate and the way she manipulates my visitation im afraid that one day shes going to up and disappear and I wont be able to see my child again or do anything about it.


Me and my childens father are sharing custody but he has a guy living with him that took inappropriate pictures of his private on our daughters kindle and she seen them and he still has them living there andmy daughter just told me that the guy has watched them alone while their father goes places


My fiance has been trying to regain custody of her children and the state has not provided any validation as to why she cant get them back from her mother.


I had sole physical custody and joint legal out and the father consented in 2010 that. On May 17 2014 3.5 years later the father and his Attorney have successfully taken our child from me because the father said I never had his consent. I have solely raised the child for 8 years with very limited and infrequent assistance from the father. The Fathers name is not on the birth certificate and we were never married. Other then visitation he was not involved in the child. I need help getting better visitation while I fight to get back physical custody of my daughter back.


My child was burned by a space heater and was taken from me 9 years and now the are talking about trying to adopt her I need help


Have court on June 23,2014 for custody,no visitation,and child support. The father of my son is a drinker and has been physically ,mentally abusive towards me.


I have a 21 month old son  who i need a parenting plan for. He lives with the mother and Ive been paying 300 dollars a month consistantly with no exceptions.  I aslo pay 200 dollars for my daughter who i have joint custody of. Im tired of being jerked around and the mother changing the routine whenever she sees fit. She also wants more money from me. I just want a set routine and i HAVE to be in my son life regularly and not like every other weekend. My son needs me just like my daughter does. there is more but i stop there.

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