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Traffic violations may hurt you and got you a traffic ticket, gett free consultation of traffic ticket lawyers similar to the way below subscribers get it. Submit your case NOW

Cases of Traffic ticket

I was parked on the side of a highway with my emergency lights on and 2 police officers tapped on my window, gave me a breathalyzer test and charged me for DUI, although I was not driving at the time they approached me.


Was involved in a traffic  accident January 12 2013,I was rearended by a drunk driver but I was driving on suspended license and now the old courts are trying to give me time an no one esle did


Speeding ticket. i cant loose my cdl or i loose my job and insurance that my wife needs and i need. if i loose it my wife may die and i cant get my meds that i have 2 have. we have noone thet can drive us 2 doctors if i loose my cdl. thank you for your time and i hope your help.


I received a reckless driving ticket for driving 20 over the speedlimit. I have a copy of my driving record and took the Driver improvement course. My date is June 30th.


Sold vehicle.  Buyer information lost. Buyer did not change the title over and has received several traffic ciatations.  Should send DMV title transfer information but do not have buyer information.  Need next direction


I got pulled over and gave me tickets for insurance registration and inspection but my car was registered and insured


March 30 I had my first car accident involving my car hitting another vehicle. My traffic court date is this Thursday, and I have been charged with careless driving. I tried contacting the local legal aid but they do not cover traffic violations. I was stopped at a light behind a car, it was raining. The car moved forward as I did also. I looked in my rear view mirro as I realized the car in front had stopped. I put on my brakes but my car kept slidding. On the written citation the witness listed was the other driver.I do not have a full time job and am unable to afford an attorney. How can I best prepare


Bought a car and paid entirely with my money , problem is its titled in someone elses name with mine i want to establish sole owenership


I had the cruise control set to 78. I saw the officer roughly 2000 yards up ahead. The 18 wheeler in front of me threw a rock at my windshield, so I sped up to go around it. That is when the officer clocked me at 93 in a 70.


My son recently got a speeding ticket doing 19 miles over the limit, which calls for a mandatory court appearance. he has no plans of going back there anytime in the future, so it does not seem reasonable for him to travel over 500 miles for a court appearance. Please advise.

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