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New Hampshire right to know law changes

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The New Hampshire Right to know has taken its plunge since January 1. The State Legislature approved the amendments.  It was signed into law by Government Maggie Hassan during the 2016 session.The prime sponsor of the 2 bills was State representative Michael J. Sylvia, R-Belmont.

It was this that led to alteration in the manner in which the nonpublic meeting minutes have been recorded.

What will be the new alterations?

The new alterations include:-

  • Requiring public boards to enhance the detail of the nonpublic meeting minutes
  • Exemption of some footage recorded from police body cameras.

Hence, now non public meeting minutes will inculcate excerpts as those found in the public meeting minutes.

In accordance with the new rule:-

The new minutes will include the names of board members in the sessions- the names of people which appear before the boards.

It will also be including a description of what was being discussed. At the same time, it will have the final decision included.

In case of the non public meeting there is availability of minute almost after 72 hours. However, in order to pursue the same, the board should not have voted publicly to seal it.

What will be the impact of the alterations?

  • The changes and alteration will give more confidence to the general public.
  • It will enable the people to understand who has been involved. Hence, it would be easier for them to know whom to approach in order to get hold on what is happening.
  • In fact, they will also know that why someone particular has been voted in a certain way.

Is there any exemption?

The exemption in accordance with the law includes any recordings that constitute an invasion of privacy.

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