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No-fault Divorce

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In a no-fault divorce, you do not have to prove that your spouse is responsible for any misconduct leading to the end of the marriage.

The marriage broke beyond repair; you need to prove it.

A divorce lawyer can help with no-fault divorce and save you time, money and ease the strain of lengthy court battles.

All states recognize such a type of divorce.

Some states may obligate that you and your spouse should live separately for a specified period before either of you can file a divorce.

What is a No-fault Divorce, and how can it help you?

For example, your spouse is an alcoholic and has abandoned you.

Now, you can file for a no-fault divorce to indicate that you have experienced a breakdown of the marital relationship.

The court does not need to tell that the cause of divorce is your spouse’s abandonment or alcoholism.

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In a no-fault divorce, neither of the spouses can argue who is responsible for the marriage breakdown.

Divorce can define as resulting from mutual incompatibility, irreconcilable differences, irreparable or irretrievable damage to the marriage.

In a no fault divorce

You and your spouse agree to the divorce and do not wish to detect a ‘fault’ in the marriage to lead to its dissolution; either of you can file for a no-fault divorce, and a divorce lawyer will assist with the whole procedure.

Hire a Divorce Attorney to Review Your No-fault Divorce Case

Court of all states honor decisions meted by courts of other states.

But, if the court may not have personal jurisdiction for the non-resident spouse at the time of the divorce proceeding, and thus renders particular court decisions invalid.

Thus, depending on case to case, the complexity level of divorce can differ, and this is why you must hire a divorce lawyer to get a complete understanding of a no-fault divorce.

If you are not sure about the laws in your jurisdiction, it is best to speak with an experienced divorce attorney who will go over the state laws and offer a free initial case review without obligation.


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