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How to Reinstate Suspended Driving License?

HomeTraffic ticket Traffic ViolationsHow to Reinstate Suspended Driving License?

There are several reasons to why your driver’s license suspended.

Most common causes are a violation of traffic rules, driving under the influence, unpaid required fees for traffic tickets, etc.

Depending on the severity of the situation, the reinstatement procedure for your driver’s license will vary.

In the U.S., the process could be different as per specific state laws.

However, if your driver’s license suspension is because of moving violations, you may have to enroll in a traffic school.

Go back to driving school

If you are found guilty of driving under the influence, you may have to attend an alcohol/drug awareness program, and in case the traffic laws were violated, then you have to get a driver’s education course for reinstating your license.

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How to Reinstate Suspended Driving License?

If your driver’s suspension period is about to end (check your driving record), then you can proceed with driver’s license reinstatement, and here is the procedure for it:

  • You will have to stop at the DMV office and pay the restoration amount.
  • The payment may include the amount owed for the driver risk premium, driver penalty point premium, and insurance.
  • Now apply for a new license to drive. You may have to take a driving/written test as per the reason for suspension.
  • The points leading to earlier suspension cancels out on reinstating suspended driver’s license documentation.
  • In case involved in criminal activity, you may have to go through an elaborate process of paying additional fees and other tasks.

Whom to Approach for Getting My Driver License Reinstated?

If you are not well aware of the driver’s license reinstatement or if your case is criminal, complicated in nature, then you can contact a traffic ticket lawyer or attorney.

  • He/she will let you know of the protocols of the state where the case had been registered and gauge the seriousness of the suspension.
  • He/she will contest for you in the court to reduce the penalties on suspension as well as help with the reinstatement of your driver’s license.

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