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Spousal Support Order From My Divorce

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i have a spousal support order from my divorce in california that my ex spouse and his employer refuse to pay he currently owes about 8000 dollars


My former husband is an attorney   there are orders for support  no children   he has chosen to disregard   his actions have created many problems   thank you in advance for your time


Need to get my ali back of 1 800  per month plus rears  as i ws awarded untill my ex changed times on me confusing me for court knowing i have m s and mom just died plus sister was placed in a convelastant hospital  i had to leave my residance of four years due to his conduct and moved in with my daughter. want to go back home but do not have the funds.


I was married for 26yrs  i am disable  i need someone to represent me  in 2013 their was a court order to pay me spousal support of 1 300 a month  he has not paid a dime and said he wasn t going too  i took him to court many times  he has been in contempt twice  he is working and has a good i need help please thank you


I have a signed psa that is on the docket for in may 2015  in it states    payments shall be due and payable in one  1  payment on the first day of each month beginning february  1  2015     i   m not receiving my payment by or on the first which is causing me to be late on my bills  i cant to go back to my attorney to ask what to do about the situation  so what can i do

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