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Traffic Ticket And wrong Driving

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Driving on suspended DL because my pregnent fience was not feeling weel at 9 months and 1 week along


I have 5 tickets one is driveing with suspended license and 4 no car seats i have court today  6  10.  2014   I want to get it put off for for now if I can.


I had a couple of parking tickets that were unpaid and subsequently led to the suspension of my license.


I was pulled over for the first time today for going 62 in s 45 snd i really need to know if im going to hsve my licence revoked


I got pulled over with a felony stop bc the officer mis typed my license plate number then decided to give me a stop sign ticket 30 miles from my house when he first started to follow me. Long story short I tried to fight it last year did not work so I took the community service hours and a fine. Judge gave me my last extension which is due on the 16th of June 2014 and I am going to have about 20 hours left over from 65. The judge told me it was my last one and then no more so I am concerned about what can happen, do I pay the remaining balance or can they book me


I received a camera ticket that stated I was going 32 mph in a school zone of 20 mph  but it was at 9am in the morning and there were NO FLASHING LIGHTS to indicate it was still at 20mph. They want me to pay 200 dollars and if I appeal I STILL have to pay 200 dollars for bond they say. I think this is terribly unfair. By 9am it should not still be school zone imposed esp if there is no signage indicating it is still in effect.


I have a total of 4 traffic citations. The 1st was received aprox. Nov. Dec. 2013, and three additional citations June 10th 2014. The offences include ,  driving while suspended ,unregistered vehicle ,improper turn


My wife had received a warrant for not going to court.What I would like from you it to appear in court for her so we can hurry up and get her out.sometimes it can take up too a three days before you will be able to see a judge.So what I trying to dip is get her a court day to night or in the morning.I definitely will need you to appear in the first additional hearing.thank you and know that I waiting on your call

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