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What is State Question 780?

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November 8, 2016 witnessed the approval of the State Question 780. It was pursued as a ballot in Oklahoma. The approval was sought in the Oklahoma Reclassification of Some Drug and Property Crimes as Misdemeanors Initiative.

The alterations

  • The non-violent drug and theft-related crimes have been altered from felonies to misdemeanors, in accordance with the State Question 780.
  • This implies the individuals which are caught in the act, will be having to give a maximum penalty of a year in the prison, along with a fine of $ 1000.
  • The possession of illegal drugs was a felony, however, it has become a misdemeanor, post the approval of the law.
  • However, drug manufacturing, selling of drugs and trafficking continue to serve as felonies.
  • Initially a theft or forgery of property (which was worth $500) was considered a felony offense. However, the State Question 780 has managed to raise the amount to $ 1000 worth of property.

The State Question 780 has made sure the implementation of Question 781 as well. The latter includes the fund, which will be utilized for rehabilitation of criminals.

This will be pursued by ensuring redistribution of the money saved from the reduced prison cost to the counties. In fact, State Question 781 was dependent on State Question 780.

What will be the impact?

1. State Question 780 and State Question 781 will together aid in reducing the crime. It would also improve the safety.

2. It would also aid of those charged with the offense to rehabilitate. And again, would help these people to again integrate in the society.

It would help in the optimistic treatment of addiction. It would also aid in resolving the mental health issues which are actually the root cause of most of the crimes.

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