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5 Tips To Help You Decide Lawyer Fee

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You got a speeding ticket and you need to appear in court to fight that ticket; you need an attorney for this, but how much should you pay for it?

Don’t Pay More

There are attorneys that charge $1000 or more per hour but you don’t need him to fight a $200 ticket. So what is the yardstick to measure how much to pay for a particular suit or for a matter?

Read on to know what you should remember while agreeing for lawyer fee.

Case file

There are various legal matters ranging from drafting of a will to fighting an Intellectual Property Right (IPR) suit thus charges vary for each.

A will drafting might cost you $1000 whereas an IPR might cost millions.

A Speeding ticket might need an attorney that charges between $100-$200/hour. Then there is the going rate in the area; meaning an unofficial rate charged by lawyers in a given area for a specific work.

Flat Fees or by hour rate?

Attorneys who deal in a particular kind of case might charge a flat rate that cover all costs covering the case. A good example can be undisputed divorce; attorney charges a flat rate to get the marriage annulled by the court on behalf of both the parties. Cases like Intellectual Property might have lawyers that charge you on hourly basis.

Contingency fee is charged on damages that you receive after winning the case. Attorneys take a percentage of the money received as their fees.

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In case of contingency fees, you either pay for other costs such as fee for case filing, case research, expert witness fees, Sheriff’s office fee or all fees and charges are included in the final payment that attorney receives after you win the case. This fee is charged usually in employment cases, class action suits etc.

Costs Covered

Attorneys charge for their appearance in the court, case filing, case research, for hiring expert witness, investigation and his office overheads to cover a few charges.

Billing by Attorney

In case of a flat rate you receive single bill that covers all the cost related the case.

Ask for bill

In case of hourly rate or contingency fees, do insist for an itemized bill to know what you are being charged for and what you are paying for.

Ask Around

Once you have decided on an attorney,  ask around to know the fee being charged for similar cases in your local area. This has two benefits, one you know you are not being overcharged and second there is a chance of you finding an expert attorney by asking around.

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