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I sincerely appreciate the Help Mr.Johnson rendered.
His Professional Demeanor and Christlike Spirit, was a Blessing.
Thank you Mr Johnson.
Deeanna Ables,, TX
Wonderful person. Helped out when I felt lost.
William Ringleben,, PA
Thank you for the info that you sent me.
Chairty May,, WA
He did great.
Elizabeth Copeland, , CO
Very helpful.
Learion Adams, , CO
Great job of explaining what your about nice guy.
Dillen Reed, , CO
Joshua has been an excellent representative thus far for my membership.
He has responded to any questions or concerns that
I have expeditiously. He even re-opened his office on a Friday to assist
me with my enrollment, because he knew that there
was a pressing issue that I was trying to resolve before the weekend.
At this point, I am very happy that I chose my membership, and a huge
part of that decision was based upon Joshua.
Kimberly Lewis, , NV
Teresa was very helpful and polite.
Amy Nichols,, AL
Did great. I understood the insurance provided by company
and will sign up in a few days on pay check day.
John Duran, , CA
She was great!! Very nice and informative.
Lawrence K, , NY
He is always available to answer concerns
Marcel SIME, , PA
Joshua Cohen was excellent
Rena Parker, , OH
Bea has utterly fantastic! She has enthusiastically been answering all of my 100’s
of questions and never misses a beat. She truthfully puts a smile on my face everytime we speak.
Robert Swearingen, , FL
Thank you for your help
Greg Bissonnette, , NC
Kyle did fine and explained program very well. I am in contact with a lawyer now thanks to Kyle.
Steve Fogler, , CO
She was great!! Very nice and informative.
Lawrence K, , NY
Tim Burke, , WA
Excellent team work Kyle. With respect Raymond Motley thank you.
Raymond Motley, , MI