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Information on Asbestos and Mesothelioma Lawsuits

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People suffering from mesothelioma due to asbestos exposure at the workplace can breathe a sigh of relief since they have excellent chances to recover their significant money damages. These damages are payable by the company manufacturing or installing asbestos, an insurance company, or the asbestos victims’ trust fund that takes the liability on the company’s behalf.

After asbestos exposure, mesothelioma can take 10 to 40 years to develop. From the time of diagnosis to file a lawsuit, some statute of limitations (depending on the state) give people one to five years, while some states (like Tennessee, California, and Louisiana) give them only one year. In case of death, the victim’s spouse or other heirs can file for wrongful death within one to three years from the death date.

Settlement of mesothelioma cases between the parties usually happens out of court. However, with the help of all the relevant information like your medical history and employment details, and efficient lawyer can get you a substantial amount for monetary damages, possibly within a year of filing the lawsuit.

Many companies manufacturing or installing asbestos have been closed down or gone bankrupt, leading to the creation of trust funds to compensate mesothelioma victims. Howsoever, the settlement amount cannot be readily determined as many factors involved in it. How this illness has affected your life, your lost wages due to it, expenses for medical treatment, and recovery time are the major factors determining the settlement amount.

Time is essential here. Quick settlements may achieve a relatively lower amount but can be completed within a year or less and are preferred by victims since they have a shorter lifespan. To claim the amount, specialized mesothelioma lawyers can help your case.

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