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Kentucky Child Custody Laws

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According to Kentucky child custody laws, if parents are unable to come up to a mutual child custody agreement, the Kentucky family court decides with whom the child(s) will live, who will get the visitation rights and who will make major decisions of child’s life.

Kentucky child custody laws, that has adopted Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction and Enforcement Act in 2004, permit Joint custody and grandparents visitation rights.

To determine child custody, Kentucky court considers “child’s best of interest” as the prime factor. Besides the prime factor,  the court also considers various other factors to make the decision. Some of them include:

  • Wishes of the child’s parent.
  • Preference and interests of the child.
  • Interactions and the relationships of the child with his/her siblings and the parents.
  • Mental and physical health and abilities of the parents willing to become the custodian of the child.
  • Adjustments of the child towards the surroundings, school and other communities.
  • Evidences of domestic violence, records and other information concerned with the parents, if any.

Modifications in the child custody arrangements

The Kentucky court doesn’t reconsider the child custody order which was determined less than 2 years before the current modifications have requested. Court only reconsiders the order if one parents can prove that:

  • The current environment is actually dangerous for the child’s health (physical, mental or emotional).
  • The custodian parent (according to the prior order by court) has allowed the child to live with a “de facto” custodian.

If you have filed a petition for child custody in Kentucky or you require modifications in the pre-ordered arrangements, you should speak or hire the services of an experienced child custody lawyer in Kentucky.

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