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Alimony is the financial aid provided to the ex-spouse upon a legal decree.

It can be of different types in Mississippi alimony law that include;

  • Permanent Periodic alimony:

it is paid by either of the high earning spouses to the low earning ones through out the life time, until their death or remarriage. It is taxable and can be modified upon the consent of either of the parties.

  • Lump-sum alimony:

Lump-sum alimony as the name suggests, is a huge amount paid by the spouse to the other upon the decree. This is generally non modifiable and can survive upon the death and remarriage of either of the spouses. It is not taxable and is based on the length of the marriage.

  • Rehabilitative alimony:

It is provided to someone, who is trying to become self supporting. This is generally the payment made to the spouse trying to get back to college or job.

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