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Missouri Child Custody Laws

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Child custody is the most disturbing part of divorce for both parents as well as for children. In Missouri, child’s best of interests are considered to pass child custody decree and to make related arrangements.

With the child’s best interests, the court also consider following points to make the decree on child custody.

  • Parenting plan from both parents and their wished for the child
  • Relocation plan, if any
  • Willingness of each parent to support relationship of child and other parent
  • Both parties mental and physical wellness
  • Any history of abuse and criminal charges

Different Child Custody Arrangements

Before passing any judgement on child custody, Missouri court consider 5 different types of custody arrangements. According to Missouri child custody laws, these arrangements are,

  • Both parents can get joint legal custody and joint physical custody
  • Both parents can have Joint physical custody while one parent gets sole legal custody
  • Both parents can have joint legal custody while only one parent gets sole physical custody
  • One parent gets sole custody
  • Third party or guardian gets the custody

Child custody can be an emotional roller-coaster ride for both parents and children involved. Besides, child custody laws can also be difficult to understand. If you are not able to understand the laws or just require right legal guidance, hire an attorney specialised in Missouri child custody laws.

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