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New Hampshire Alimony Laws

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Alimony in New hampshire alimony laws is the monetary support offered to the spouse with lower wages by the higher earning one

to prevent the sudden disturbance in the standard of living that may result due to termination of marriage.

A legal marriage is very much essential and alimony is offered only to those couples,

whose marriage has ended in divorce.

Few Facts on Alimony:

  • Alimony in New Hampshire is awarded to the lower earning spouse without any gender discrimination.
  • The basic criterion for awarding the alimony is the need of a spouse and the ability of the other to pay.
  • Alimony offered can be for a stipulated term period, i.e., temporary or even permanent.
  • Alimony ones offered can terminate upon the remarriage of the recipient spouse.
    • It can also be modified with the changing circumstances.

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