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North Carolina Alimony Law

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Alimony is the payment made for support and maintenance of the spouse.

Spousal maintenance in North Carolina Alimony Law is an extension of the obligation in marriage,

which is based on a partnership basis that provides support to each other financially during marriage.

Alimony and termination:

  • Alimony in North Carolina is provided only to a substantially dependent spouse.
  • Without economic dependency, judicial award of post separation is not entitled upon the spouse.
  • In general, the alimony is awarded until a specified date mentioned in the order or until awarding or denying of alimony is decided by the court.
  • The latter is often explained as temporary support or “alimony pendent lite”.

The alimony can be terminated with:

  • A common agreement of the spouses to waive or forego the alimony agreement
  • Death of the spouse
  • Remarriage of the spouse
  • Cohabitation of the spouse


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