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Oregon Alimony Law

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Legal marriages come to an end with a divorce decree.

During the case proceedings, one can obtain two kinds of supports including –

  1. the child support and
  2. the Alimony.

An overview:

Alimony is paid to a spouse or former spouse by another spouse upon a legal order.

  • Awarding spousal support is based on the equitable principles and circumstances demanding support.
  • Various factors like
    • the duration of the marriage,
    • earning abilities,
    • assets,
    • age and health of the parties and more are considered in awarding either a temporary or a permanent or even a transitional support.
  • Spousal support comes to a termination in unanticipated cases like the remarriage.

The termination can only occur by filing a petition for forego or waiver of the amount.

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