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Tennessee Alimony Law

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Tennessee alimony law is the spousal maintenance offered by a spouse to one of the lower earning spouse’s to support his/her minimal reasonable needs.


There are four different forms of Alimony, and according to the alimony statute of Tennessee, more than one form of alimony can be awarded at the trail.


  • Alimony in ‘Futuro’:

Often known as periodic alimony is a common type of alimony.

  • Alimony in ‘Solido’:

Also called as Lump-sum alimony.

  • Rehabilitative alimony:

It is a temporary form of alimony and is provided till the time a spouse attain financial independence.

  • Transitional Alimony:

It is a novel addition to the alimony statute of Tennessee and is a temporary one, but is provided only when there is no necessity for rehabilitative alimony.

It helps the spouse to adjust to the sudden economic disturbances.

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