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South Carolina Breach of Contract laws

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Alike other states of the USA, South Carolina also has laws that address breach of contract.

Breach of contract

A breach of contract refers to an action that violates the terms of a contract or does not fulfill of a promise or performed accordingly as agreed upon in the agreement.

  • The damages arising from the breach of contract are referred as economic losses.
  • The defaulting party is required to compensate the other party to the contract by paying general damages or completing specific performance of the contract.
  • The specific performance should in line with the original promise as made in the contract.

Timeframe to file petition

According to South Carolina breach of contract laws, the non-breaching party can file petition for the remedy of breach of contract within 3 years of finding about breach of contract.


In South Carolina, it shouldn’t be considered as a breach of contract if

  • There is any changes in the contract and both parties agree to it.
  • One party deviates from the contract and other party agrees to it.  

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