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How To Draft a Will The Do And Dont

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 Will is an item that many people do not like to think about, especially when they are young. As a result, most people draft a will for the first fifty years of their lives. However, legal advisors believe that a will should draft out as soon as possible.

How To Drafting a will

Whenever there is a will, there are often people available to contest the content of the Will. It can extend beyond even your next of kin. It is for this purpose that drafting your Will is imperative.

It allows you to plan and organize how your assets and estate would distribute upon death. It is because if a person dies without having a will.

The probate court would determine how the individual’s assets will distribute, which might not align with the person’s wishes.

Certain items are impossible to remove to ensure your heir or heirs are beneficiaries of your estate. These items are the different components of an estate plan and are indispensable. They include the following:

Drafting a Will/Trust

Certain legal norms guide the writing of a will. Therefore, these norms must follow. Also, the way a will or trust is composed is significant. Thus, each aspect of the composition expects to treat with care.

Power of Attorney

A power of attorney on the Will or trust has to be unchanging. This aspect ensures that in a scenario where you are disabled, your agent will empower to perform duties on your behalf.

If you do not choose an agent to invest with a power of attorney, the decision may rest with the court, which also has the jurisdiction to decide.

Drafting a will Designation of Beneficiary

You must have the beneficiary of your belongings appended in your Will. It includes retirement and insurance accounts.

Intent Letter

There are situations where a particular request can be made due to your deteriorating health or impending death. In such scenarios, you should mention the state of your health in the letter of intent. This letter is required to assign to either the executor or beneficiary.

Health Care Power of Attorney

This item designs to help you with health care decisions if you are incapable. However, it would help if you trust in the individual you decide to award power of attorney.

Designation of Guardianship

This item is essential if you have kids already or plan on having kids of your own.

The following involves the steps you can follow in drafting your own Will:

  1. Create a List of your Assets
  2. Select a Guardian for your Children
  3. Appoint an Executor
  4. Create a List of your Beneficiaries
  5. Validate your Will  
  6. Input your Final Wishes and
  7. Draw up your Will.

Benefits of Drafting a will

There are several benefits of having a will, some of which include the following;

  • Drafting a will can help limit disputes within the family unless it believes the individual who made the Will is not sane. Where there is a will, the possibility of squabbling occurring over the deceased’s belongings is relatively low.
  • Having a will makes quantifying and distributing assets much more accessible. It prevents going to banks, looking for paperwork, and trying to know all the deceased’s assets. It also quantifies the amount of an asset and the total amount of the deceased’s assets.
  • It can name a guardian for your children. Without a will, the state would be in charge of deciding the person responsible for caring for your children. However, a will outlines the individual you desire to guard your children.

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