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The Vermont Alimony Law bears several sets of guidelines which help in explaining and determining alimony.

According to the code, for a spouse to receive either rehabilitative or permanent alimony, s/he should:

  • Lack sufficient income and property, even for the reasonable needs.
  • Lack a supportive employment to establish living standards due to various reasons like a child in custody.

Considerations for alimony:

Only then the court considers various factors to award alimony, which include,

  • the Financial property of the spouse,
  • income earning abilities of the petitioner,
  • child support offered for the child in custody,
  • support to become self dependent (like seeking education and employment skills),
  • standard of living during marriage,
  • duration of the marriage,
  • age and health and
  • finally the ability of the spouse from whom alimony is sought.

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