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Angelina Jolie files divorce from Brad Pitt, how to file divorce?

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Well, the heading does not sound authentic and is heartbreaking for most of us. But yes, Angelina Jolie filed for divorce from Brad Pitt, and our all-time ideal couple is getting separated.

Filing for a divorce is the most painful decision one takes. In this crucial decision, finding what legal procedures you need to follow is hard. In Brangelina’s case, it is all about their kids’ custody.

One of the first steps taken while filing for divorce is when one spouse has to move out of their residence.

1. Filing a complaint or summons:

  • It is filing a divorce complaint; filing this form allows the court to recognize that you want a divorce and make others aware of it.
  • The partner that files for divorce is called the plaintiff, or the petitioner, like Angelina Jolie here, will be called the plaintiff as she was the one who called for divorce first.
  • Once the defendant receives the complaint order, he will file the answer to that agreement or disagreement.

2. Temporary hearing:

  • A quick child or spousal support, a brief hearing, or a motion can establish as the actual hearing may take longer.
  • After an interim hearing, there is a long wait before which you settle down for your permanent living arrangements.

3. The Agreement:

  • It is the most crucial state you must write about dividing your property, debts, and child custody.
  • It is good it can be done out of court; otherwise, your divorce process will take much longer.
  • If both parties have hired attorneys, it’s their attorney’s part to collect all the financial and other information from their clients and opposing spouses and negotiate the settlement.
  • Jolie wants to decide for her kids and does not rely on her husband as he does not find him suitable.

4. Trial:

  • Now it’s your attorney’s battle to win the case. Usually, divorce cases are with one judge; no jury is there.
  • The judge goes through all the evidence presented by the attorneys and makes a decision immediately or sometimes in some hours.
  • In Pitt’s and Jolie’s case, Jolie will win as Pitt is suspected of drinking and drugs.

Finally, if any of the spouses are unhappy with the decision, they have the right to appeal. If the appeal is accepted, the matter goes back to court. Let’s see what Pitt calls if this if he loses.


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