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Domestic Violence relating to Defence Personnel

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Domestic violence and domestic abuse are distinguished as such by the military.

In both of them, there is an intimate relationship between the victim and the abuser.


Domestic abuse means abusing emotional or psychological dominance and control.

Domestic violence implies using or attempting service or even threatening to use force.

 Protection orders

If you’re a military man and blamed for the abuse, then the accused person can get a protection order against you.

Protection orders can be categorized into the military. Depending upon your military work, you may or may not appear for a hearing in court. You can request a postponed date if you cannot be present.

Case type

If a victim files a case, you will be served with a civil protection order, whereas if the State files a claim, it will become a criminal case.

However, being charged with a misdemeanor will have profound effects. It means using force physically or threatening to use a weapon fatally.

Your military service might not be affected by getting a civil protection order or violating it. However, in case of a misdemeanor, you might have reduced service length or no re-enlistment. Possessing a firearm may not be allowed.

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